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A conversation with Annie Godara

Annie Godara, a young woman who in the pursuit of becoming a dancer, realised her ultimate passion for sports and fitness. After graduating from one of the most prestigious institutions in India - IIT Delhi, Annie discovered that her true calling was sports. Since then she has devoted herself completely into the world of sports. A certified Nutritionist, a student of Sports Biomechanics in Loughborough University, United Kingdom, Annie shares her journey from dance to IIT to Sports and Fitness with Shruti from Sports4All.

Below are the snippets of our conversation with Annie:-

Shruti - First off, since you are so much into Fitness, how have you been keeping fit in this quarantine?

Annie - Well, to be honest in order to stay fit, diet is much more important than working out. So I am focusing on eating nutritious food along with some basic home workouts and yoga.

S - Tell us something about the certification that you did in nutrition.

A - It's a precision nutrition course. It's a company based out of the US that started this certification a few years ago. This course is the most researched course on nutrition at the moment. It's an online one year programme. I started it last year and have completed it recently.

S - How did you get into fitness/sports? Tell us something about your journey.

A - I have been into sports from a very young age. I was in my district swimming team. Even after entering college, I was in the swimming and the volleyball team. But it wasn't something very serious. Only in my final year of college when I started going to the gym and ran long distances for endurance and strength training. Things started getting structured and I realised this is something that's really good for my body as I could see the positive results.

S - How did sports/fitness change you as a person?

A - Well, it had a lot of positive effects on my body. I became much more disciplined in my approach towards everything in life.

S - Since you were so much into fitness, is that why you consciously decided to learn more about nutrition or was it something else?

A - Yeah! It was only when I started working out and I had put my body on a random diet which was not good at all because I wasn't eating much. I was just working out. Also through the course of my journey, I have realised that proper nutrition is much more important than just the exercise or any form of workout. So I decided to pursue this course to learn more about nutrition and its effects on our body.

S – You have a great inclination towards Yoga. How has it helped you?

A - Yoga has been the calming factor for me. It really helps me soothe my mind and body. It's something that comes very naturally to me and I love it. Also, I have done a basic certification in Yoga from Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga (Delhi).

S- Since you were already competing at the district level, didn’t you ever consider going for Swimming professionally?

A – Actually, I used to dance and I would say more than a swimmer I was a dancer. So I wanted to pursue dance professionally but my parents weren't very happy with that. So I decided to crack IIT Bombay (for my big Bollywood dream) as I was prepping for JEE entrances. Fortunately or unfortunately I got into IIT Delhi and from there, my actual journey in sports/ fitness started.

S - We see a lot of athletes turning vegan. So according to you is that something that you would ever recommend?

A - Not really! Since there are a lot of nutrients that are taken as supplements in a vegan diet, I don't believe in it at all. To me, a diet should be completely holistic and should not be supplemented with nutrients.

S - Why did you choose to study Sports Science? And what are your plans after its completion

A - Actually I come from a science background and I love maths and physics so I didn't want to give up on that. Instead, I wanted to incorporate my passion with it. So currently I am studying Sports Biomechanics that is the physics behind the movement of players. After this, I want to explore more domains in the field and hence I am planning to do a PhD in this field.

S - Lastly, who is your inspiration behind wanting to achieve so much in the field of sports?

A - To be honest I don't have any inspiration as such. This is something that I can do every day of my life and I don't feel stressed about it. I believe it’s just the feel and the adrenaline rush of the environment that drives me.

With utmost sincerity, dedication and passion, Annie strives to be the best in the business. She wishes to gather as much knowledge and experience as possible by studying around the world and then later use it for the betterment of our country. We’d like to wish her all the best for all her future endeavours.

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