Aggression in Sports: Boon or Curse

From the beginning of sports since prehistoric times, it has a mixture of human emotions in them which can either lead them to win or lose a match or a contest. Anxiety, Fear, Excitement, Agility, Stiffness all these and many others are the form of emotions shown by humans in sports.

But one form of human emotion is inevitable from sports i.e. Aggression. In some of the sports, aggression is the driving force for the sportsperson in some form of sports which leads them to win while in others it can even lead them to disqualification. So the question that arises is Aggression is a Boon or a Curse?

Let us take some instances for examples of both, in a football match sometimes the players get involved in one on one conflict with each other which may lead yellow or red card for one of them or both, in a tennis match after false serve or losing a set when player smashes the racket on the court his mind remains frustrated for the rest of the match, in cricket match after batsman hit a six bowler may sledge him which leads to divert his mind. All these are examples of aggression in bad form.

Player’s getting involved in a fight during a Rugby Match


Let us take some more instances: In a UFC fight the player who is aggressive since the beginning knocks out the other fighter with ease, in Volleyball match the player who is serving the ball aggressively leads to win points for their team, in Cricket match the batsman who is aggressive from the beginning leads to dominating the bowlers. All these are examples of the benefits of being aggressive in sports. This further leads the discussion to how much aggression is required?

The entire sportsperson in the world plays with their mental strength and physical strength combined and some of the sports psychologist even says that mental strength plays a bigger role in winning or losing. Aggression is also a form of mental strength that differs from person to person some use it for their benefit and some let it take control over themselves and cause harm to themselves in sport.

Player dominating a UFC Fight by Aggression


It is a tool that can lead you to conquer the sport or that can even lead you to destroy your whole sporting career. It is said that you should drive your aggression to win not let your aggression drive you because it can even lead you to harm the other person. It gets developed in a sportsperson during the match by crowd responding, person conflict with opponent player or team and during training, all these lead to the development of aggression.

Aggression can either be a Boon or a Curse; it majorly depends upon the sportsperson having it. One can be aggressive during a contest but only up to an extent where he can control it and not harm other people in any way. It should lead you to win not to violence then it will be your greatest asset and as it is said: “Aggression can be your greatest tool if you learn to control it and use it at the perfect time”.


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