Chess: The Game of Decision Making

Chess is an ultimate test of the mind and a game of decision-making. It provides a mirror of self-understanding to the player. It is one of the oldest and most popular board games is played by more than a million players around the world. It is played as a recreational activity but it is also an International Sport played by two opponents on a specially designed squared chess board which consists of squares of black and white colour and each player plays with 16 pieces and can see each other’s moves.

The old name of chess was Chaturanga. It first appeared in India around 6th Century A.D., but its origin is not clear and is a topic of debate for a long period. The main aim of chess is to give CheckMate to the opponent. It is like a battlefield in which two opponents fight to capture each other’s king. The first official World Championship of Chess was held in the year 1886. Since the year 1948, World Championship is regularly held by Federation International des Echecs (FIDE). It also grants Little Master and Grand Master titles to all the skilled players around the world.

Pieces of Chess


The players are allowed to make the following moves from the pieces:-

  • King: - A king can move one step in any direction and attack other pieces or defend himself.

  • Queen: - It is considered the most mobile and powerful piece out of all the others. It consists of the combination of the power of all the other pieces.

  • Bishop: - Each player has 2 bishops. It has all the power of rook at it can also move diagonally along the board.

  • Knight: - It has a unique and trickiest movement, it can only move in L shape. It can also jump over other pieces.

  • Rook: - It is also known as castles, which are placed at the corner. It can only move in a horizontal or vertical direction.

  • Pawns: - The game starts with a movement of pawn. It can only move forward. It has a very unique feature that if it reaches the end of the board of the opponent field, it can be promoted to queen, rook, bishop, or knight.

With the movement of all these pieces and sharpness of mind one player tries to dominate the other and win the game.

Chess is also very popular in India. The All India Chess Federation which was founded in 1951 is the central administrative body for the game of chess in India. India is also home to Vishwanathan Anand who is also known as the Grand Master of Chess. He has won Federation International World Championship in 2000, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012

Global Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand


A good player should already know in advance about the next move of the opponent. It is a proper mental delight, and teaches you about your own strength and weakness. It enhances your decision-making skills as well as critical thinking skills. It is also a complete exercise to develop our ability to understand others. In order to succeed you just have to think about the next move of your opponent.


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