How Lifting Weights Can Help Everyone Build Strength.


Weight training is the first thing that comes to one's mind when they hear about the gym, bodybuilders, military recruits, or just the word ‘fitness’ in general. However many people seem to know very little about actual weight training aside from bicep curls and the many exercises that are performed using the barbell.

Weight training has offered many benefits irrespective of a person’s gender, age, or lifestyle. It helps to strengthen muscles, bones, and tendons which are needed for everyday tasks. Bodybuilders and athletes need not be the only ones lifting weights as the everyday routine may require one to perform certain motions that could be much more efficiently done once a person starts lifting weights. Core and trunk strength is primarily targeted in compound movements, a concept lost to many who blindly follow a training program consisting of machines and isolation movements that only target a specific part of the body.

Women are often afraid to lift weights and stick to traditional exercises that consist of yoga or cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, cycling, or other track sports. Weight training can actually reduce and reverse the effects of osteoporosis that is common in women above the age of 30. It strengthens the bones and muscles and women need not be afraid of looking masculine, bulky, or too muscular. Men have over 10 times more testosterone than a woman which is why women who weight train becomes strong and achieve their goals of weight loss. Due to the primary hormone estrogen present in women, they are much more capable of performing heavy workouts consistently with lesser breaks than their male counterparts who need adequate rest before lifting weights again. This can be viewed as compensation for women having naturally lower base strength than men.

People who start out in a fit lifestyle often reap the benefits in old age. Weight trainers who consistently train throughout their life look lesser aged and are fit and able in their senior years. They don’t suffer from the mental and physical health issues that are often associated with old age due to consistent training that contributes to a healthy immune system.


Contrary to what most people think, weight training in children does not stunt their growth or limit their height. The only factors involved in growth are genetics and the proper functioning of the endocrine glands helps in growth and development. A child lifting heavy objects at home is no less different than lifting heavy weights in the gym and should be encouraged from the ages of 12-13 contrary to waiting until adulthood.


A lot of care and safety goes into lifting weights. One who chooses to opt for this fitness routine must take care of not lifting weights that are too heavy and must learn proper form and technique from a qualified instructor who can demonstrate and spot an individual for correct technique. The benefits offered by weight training are immense and it shouldn’t be shunned by any people of any age, gender, or other groups as it offers a lot of benefits to all.

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