Importance of Grassroot level Coach in Sportsperson’s Life

We all know about Arjuna who is known as one of the greatest Archer of all time, but have we ever thought Arjuna wouldn’t have been known if Guru Dronacharya wouldn't have trained him or let’s take an example of today’s world how many of you think M.S. Dhoni would have been the greatest Indian captain if his school coach wouldn’t have brought him from football to cricket. The answer to all these questions indicates towards only one direction i.e. the Importance of grassroots level coach in Sportsperson’s life. Throughout his life an athlete goes under the training of many coaches but the importance and place of his first coach remains in his heart throughout his life. The grassroots level coach is the one who crafts the Diamond out of the coal. He’s the one who provides him with the guidance, basic skill and training with his utter dedication and sheer will of making sportsperson what he’s today. In the initial days of training, grassroots level coach is the one that forges the sportsperson with sweat and blood for the development of the player.

Many times these coaches even goes unnoticed, during the later stages of the training when players are provided with National level coaches and advance training, they even forget their grassroots level coach but a sportsperson who is humble never forgets the sacrifices and dedication of his first coach. With advance level coaches, only the technicalities in the sport gets better but the basic of sports are imparted to him by grassroots coach. Some of these coaches don’t have even basic facilities but only with their determination, they make a world-class athlete that is why coaches play the role of a parent in the sportsperson’s life as they always guide him. The government of India also gives honor to coaches who have excelled in their fields in the form of the Dronacahrya Award.

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Kabbadi coach Rambir Singh receiving Dronacharya Award

Government of India is also bringing reforms to recognize and admire the grassroots level coaches by various awards and prizes. These grassroots level coaches should be respected by the sportsperson and the society, as they’re the one who brings the sportsperson to this level where they’re today. They never leave their hard work and dedication and they don’t even strive for fame and only work hard to give new and emerging talents to the country so that they can serve the country and make India proud at the International level. In Indian culture, the position of Teacher or Coach is even considered more than god. Every athlete should dedicate his life to make his/her coach proud because he can never payback for what his coach has done for him throughout his journey. There are some lines quoted by legend Andre Aggasi i.e.

A great coach can lead you to a place,

Where you don’t need him anymore

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