JSW Sports: Redefining Sports culture in India

Updated: May 17, 2020

Jsw sports is a subsidiary of the JSW group which was established in the year 2012 as a CSR activity of the group which aims to provide world-class level training and coaching to the emerging athletes in India. With the dream of redefining sports in India the organization has set up the first privately funded sports excellence center which is of a span of over 42 acres in JSW Township at Vijaynagar, Karnataka. The group marks a milestone event for them when in October 2019 they have signed up a deal with the Indian Olympic Committee to set up an Indian Olympic Hospitality house in Tokyo during the Summer Olympics 2020. Apart from that the company’s name is also associated with champion teams in various sports leagues such as Bengaluru FC (ISL), Delhi Capitals (IPL), and Haryana Steelers (PKL).

JSW: Inspire Institute of Sport, Vijaynagar, Karnataka

Source: www.jsw.in


The prime objective of the group is to redefine the sports culture in India by giving the athletes equipment, training, and Olympic level coaching facilities. The vision of the institute is to provide such an environment to the athlete that no athlete is deprived of their dream due to lack of facilities. The group is giving athletes training in various sports discipline like Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Athletics and Swimming that has produced prominent players in various sports such as Thangjam Tababi Devi (Judo), Sakshi Malik & Bajrang Punia (Wrestling), Aryan Makhija (Swimming), and many other sports personalities in their respective fields. The program also bears all the expenses of the sportspersons related to sport such as travel, accommodation, nutrition, and sports equipment.

The group runs a Sports excellence program that selects the athletes from the national level and state level also for their excellence in sport and provides them with financial support and training opportunities under trained professionals to that they can compete on the international level with the best facilities. Sports tycoons such as Sakshi Malik who is the only female wrestler in India to win an Olympic medal and Neeraj Chopra, junior world record holder in javelin throw are the highlights of the program so far.

The Inspire Institute of Sports which is located adjacent to JSW group’s Vijaynagar Township is also ready to witness the success stories of the emerging talent from various fields with over a diverse staff from over 8 countries and over 100 athletes are being currently trained in the facility to conquer their dreams.

With its CEO Mustafa Ghouse’s, who is also a bronze medalist in Tennis at the 2002 Busan Asian games visionary dream, the group has won 1 Olympic medal, 3 World Championship, 5 Asian games medal and 17 commonwealth games medal the institute is looking forward to writing more success stories with the emerging talents of India by nurturing them with utmost care and responsibility.

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