Knockdown the Lock-down with Yoga

Due to COVID-19 many countries of the world are under either complete or partial lock-down and as human beings we don’t feel very comfortable staying locked in homes for a long period of time. This lock-down has been adversely affecting our health as well as gyms, training centers, fitness centers all are closed and will remain closed for a while to follow social distancing and keep the people safe. This has been affecting our mental health along with physical health. But what should we do in this situation? The answer to this question lies in the art that is inherited in Indian culture i.e. “Yoga”. Yoga is a complete physical and mental fitness activity that will help us to keep our mind fit and healthy. India is known as the world leader in the field of Yoga and has also given World Yoga Day which is celebrated on 21 June. Due to this lock-down the feeling of anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, are being developed amongst the individuals because of being uncertain about the future and the fear of getting infected. All this can be easily reduced with the help of Yoga.

Practicing Yoga at Home


What will Yoga do?

Yoga is considered as the complete and the simplest form of exercise of all body parts that can be performed at any time and anywhere. It consists of stretching exercises, breathing exercises, and various positions known as Asana that are beneficial to every part of the body. When we’re dealing with the vast amount of difficulty in being fit during the lock-down and the amount of fat is increasing in our bodies it can be used to reduce fat also.

Yoga Asana


The various breath control activities also helps us to keep our mind calm and reduce the number of unwanted thoughts that come in our mind with the help of accumulating meditation with Yoga mudras. A large number of people in the world are choosing Yoga to stay fit and healthy even many gyms and fitness centers are also training people through the online medium with Yoga to keep them fit and energetic and even many famous people are inspiring other people to adopt Yoga for a healthy lifestyle during the lock-down. So, why don’t we give our body and mind the gift of fitness through Yoga?


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