NADA: Keeping Indian Sports Dope Free

In sport keeping the sport clean and fair is one of the major challenges faced by sporting federations and governments of various countries. Fair sport means every player having the equal opportunity of winning the sport without the use of any supplement or any kind dope that induces strength, power, agility, or stamina in one’s body.

Doping is a practice that is extensively followed by sportspersons in various sports at the national and international levels to gain an upper hand in the sport. This practice is strictly prohibited in all forms of sports but still, some players use Doping. To stop such unfair practices in sports in India, the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) was formed.

NADA was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 on November 24 in 2005 to regulate, control, and restrict the usage of doping in Indian sports and mandate the doping rules and regulations formed by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). It becomes a supporting organization of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Logo of NADA


This is an organization that includes the members from the Indian Olympic Committee as representatives and Scientist that promote to stop the usage of drugs used as dopes in many sports and educate the athletes about the ill effects of Doping and to put a ban of the sport person whose sample is found positive during the testing.

The organization takes part in various sporting events of different games and collects random as well as the sample of the players on the podium to make sure that they’re not using any kind of steroid or drug for competing in the competition. This organization has been successfully banning the sport persons who are using dope to win the fights and making the sport fair and free from every kind of ill practices. The agency also issues the list of banned products that can’t be used during the competition for sportspersons and carry out regular testing.

Minister of Youth Affair and Sports: Kiren Rijiju at NADA


With such organizations working for the betterment of the athletes and keeping the sport fair for all the players participating in it more natural talent will come out from the country at National and International Stages. The organization works very hard to keep up the sporting spirit of the game and ensure that only deserving ones get a chance to showcase his talent.


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