Nripjit Singh Bedi - Sportsman of the Year, 1974

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Nripjit Singh Bedi (a.k.a nippy) was born on 1st June 1940. He was a volleyball player in the Indian national team. He competed in the 4th Asian Games and won a silver medal. Singh received the Arjuna award in 1962 from the government of India. His career lasted for 23 years.

Born in Dhariwal in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab, India, Singh started playing volleyball at the age of 9. He played around 59 international test matches with several countries, and those include Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Philippines, Israel, Indonesia, France, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

He won a bronze medal in the year 1963 in the Tokyo Olympics. Singh became the coach and captain of the BSF volleyball team. He balanced the roles of captain and coach both at the same time. This great volleyball player was appointed as the coach for the Indian volleyball team and also led them to the 1983 Asian men’s volleyball championship. He also coached the Indian police team for 15 years. Singh trained many players including Ballwat Singh a.k.a Ballu.

After his retirement, Singh settled in Jalandhar. He still gives free coaching for youngsters and gives tips for players in the field of volleyball. He has a great passion for volleyball. Singh was a member of the Sports Council of India, a Sports Authority of India (SAI) selector and president of the DVA.

He received the 1962 Arjuna Award,1974 Sportsman of the Year; Punjab Government, 1992 President's Police Medal for Meritorious Services.

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