Q&A Session with Garima Choudhary

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Garima Choudhary is an Indian Olympic Judo player who has always been one of the top-performing players at the national level with 10 Gold medals at Senior National Judo Championships; who has been domination the Indian Judo in her weight category. She was also the Gold medalist of Continental Junior Championship and Silver Medalist at Lusophone Games. With her hard work and dedication in Judo, she qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games and represented India.

Garima Choudhary

Q) How was your journey in Judo right from the beginning?

Ans- My journey was filled with struggle from the beginning, for a player nothing comes in a platter. I always believed in myself and kept going.

Q) When was the first time you grabbed an International Medal, what was the feeling?

Ans- My first International medal was in SAF games Colombo 2006 and nothing is more precious like seeing country flag flying at no.1 position. That feeling can be experienced only and cannot be expressed in words.

Q) What are the difficulties you faced during your journey and how you overcome them?

Ans- Every sports person initially goes through the same difficulties. Family problems, federation problems, financial problems, etc are parts of sportspersons life, but if you choose stairs over lift you can overcome all problems. So I always prefer stairs to get more experience.

Q) How do you keep yourself calm during a fight if you’re losing it and how to win it afterward?

Ans- Meditation before a fight is the key and self-belief in myself if I am trailing in about is the secret of my success.

Q) A player’s life is full of sacrifices. What are the sacrifices you made for your carrier?

Ans- It is true that a player has to sacrifice so many things to reach at the top. I sacrificed my childhood without family remained in the hostel, best food, childhood friends, good early morning sleep, etc. all are parts of things that I sacrificed during my journey.

Q) How do you feel when you represent India in the grandest stage of all at the Olympics?

Ans- Representing the country in the Olympics is the ultimate dream of every sportsperson. The feeling to be a lone qualifier for the 2012 Olympic Games in Judo was a special lifetime achievement.

Q) What changes have come in your life after participation in the Olympic Games?

Ans- I don’t think I have changed personally. Rather I have become more humble and less aggressive, like I used to be. The main reason for it is that many are following me so I have to set a good example, not only as a player but, as a human being too. I got a job and recognition which gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Q) Any words by which you want to motivate young Judokas who wants to play Olympics, like you one day?

Ans- Self-belief, believe in your parents and coach these three are the main ingredients of success, train hard and train smart. Set your personal short term as well long term goals and stay away from drugs and fake advisors while being persistent this will surely lead you to the grandest stage of all one day.

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