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Updated: May 24, 2020

Courtesy: Rajasthan FC

Nitin Meel, born on 9th January 1994 plays as a captain and goalkeeper for Rajasthan FC in I-League 2nd divison. He had previously played in the I-League 2nd division & Youth Leagues for Fateh Hyderabad AFC & Shillong Lajong FC. He had also been a part of the India U-23, U-19, U-16 & U-14 squad during his Junior Career in Football. Nitinanswered to a few questions that were asked to him during the Q&A session. The Q&A’s are as follows:

Q) Who is your inspiration?

A) Subrata Paul is my inspiration. I like the way he plays with confidence, his communication with the team and he is really hardworking.

Q) What are your ambitions?

A) I want to play for Senior Indian national team. I played for India at junior levels but I had a break in between dude to injuries but still i want to play for senior national team.

Q) How do you think Indian football can develop/grow?

A) I feel a good coach can make anything happen, so we need more good coaches which can help us in getting better.

Q) Any message for young budding footballers?

A) Yes, they should just keep working hard and they'll find the way to good clubs and teams. Results will come but you have to work hard first and don't hear all those stupid people who discourage you by saying wrong things about level of your game or by saying that there is no future in football. Everything is there, all you have to do is hard work and you'll get success.

Q) Which ISL team would you like to represent & why?

A) I would love to represent Jamshedpur FC because they're the only team who have their own ground and atmosphere of the stadium is good. I've played there this season against JFC Reserves and I really like the ambience and positivity of the team and crowd.

Q) How do you think that Youth I-League can help young players?

A) Youth League players are getting more chances of playing matches. Even if you are an average player still you''ll compete in Youth I League qualifiers. The number of teams are much more in Youth I League so more players gets chance to showcase their talent which is required to take India to the top level.

Q) Any particular reason behind choosing Football as your career?

A) I started playing just for fitness so that after school I don't roam here and there and don't waste my energy in useless things and then when I played for India U-14 team then things got more serious and I started playing with more passion and hardwork and then the story goes on.

Visit Nitin's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nitin-meel-631b57165/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nitinmeel/?hl=en

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