Q&A session with Vijay Kumar Yadav

Vijay Kumar Yadav

Vijay Kumar Yadav is India’s top-ranked Judoka in his weight category. Since the beginning of his judo carrier, he has been dominating the national Judo championships with 4 Gold medals in Senior National Judo Championship he has established his mark in Indian Judo. International medals are also not very far from this player’s reach with a Gold medal in Commonwealth Judo Championship at Walsall and Jaipur and South Asian Federation Games. This player has also won a Bronze medal in Asia Pacific Judo Championship in Hong Kong and has been constantly competing at IJF World Tour.

Q) At what stage you started Judo and how do you know Judo is the game for yourself?

Ans- I started Judo at a very young age when I was 12. As I very active kid since when I was a toddler I tried to channelize my energy in this game and my hard work started paying off, at that time I realized Judo is the game for me.

Q) What does it take to be this much consistent like you in such a rigorous sport like Judo?

Ans- When you are not born with a silver spoon in mouth and you’ve to struggle even for your basic needs it automatically makes a person consistent and determined. That has been the driving force for my consistency.

Q) How much do you train every day and how you prepare yourself for the International Competitions?

Ans- Usually I train 2-3 times a day depending on the coach’s schedule and I generally have a very tight training schedule. Preparing for International is not a petty thing; I put all my sweat and blood into it and try to get better every day physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Q) How does JFI support its top-notch Judokas like you in developing the game?

Ans- JFI provides the best support to its top-notch Judokas at every possible level and tries to give us as possible exposure as we can get by constantly sending us for the International tours.

Q) Apart from physical strength how much mental strength is important in a Judo fight?

Ans- According to me physical strength is something secondary in every sphere of life, it’s always the mind and the mental strength which needs to be positive, motivated, and constant to achieve magical results.

Q) What do you think about Judo as a professional sport? Do you think someone can pursue a carrier in it?

Ans- Yes, Judo is not just a game it is beyond that for whom who wants to explore it, and being a professional player is like making life better day by day. There are many opportunities in the Army, Railways, and Police to play Judo professionally being a part of their team.

Q) What more is left for you to achieve in Judo?

Ans- I have been National Champion many times and also got International medals under my belt but my ultimate goal is Olympics and the day I will achieve that I will feel the real contentment.

Q) Any message for the young budding judokas who consider you as your inspiration?

Ans- Yes, I feel really glad that Judo is prospering day by day and there are many budding champions out there, I would like to suggest them just to be focused, determined, and devoted and you’ll for sure achieve miracles in life for sure.

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