Riaz Ahmed - A Volleyball Legend from Mallepally

Riaz Ahmed was born on 7th April 1939. He is a former Indian volleyball player. During the 1966 Asian Games, he was an important member of the Indian team as a senior player. He was born in Mallepally, a town at the outskirts of Hyderabad. He started playing volleyball in his high school after he was encouraged for his great performance in sports. In 1958, he became a member of Andhra Pradesh Police Academy volleyball team

He joined the Indian national team in 1960 with many other famous players such as Tilakam Gopal, Abdul Basith, and Balwant Singh. He represented the team on several occasions between 1961 to 1973. During the Asian games, he played for the Indian national volleyball team in Bangkok, 1966 and in Jakarta during 1962 when India bagged a silver medal.

He was one of the Indian team’s players who influenced many great players like Jimmy George who played in the Asian Games conducted in Tehran in 1974. He also took part in the Asian Games that was held in Bangkok, 1978 and also in Seoul in 1986 where India bagged a bronze medal. He led the Indian team when they played in Saudi Arabia. He even led India to a victory during the Indian Gold Cup and the International Volleyball Tournament held at Hyderabad in the year 1986. 

In the Inter-Civil Services All India Tournaments, Ahmed alongside Tilakam Gopal represented the Andhra Pradesh Civil Service volleyball team. Ahmed was the captain of the team when the Indian team played two unofficial matches against the Russian team at Balaghat and Allahabad in 1965.

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