Rise of PUBG in India

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Chalo Pochinki", "Yaar scope de" , "Oye drop ke paas chal" . If you haven't heard these lines, I bet you are a hermit living in The Himalayas , cut off from the world. These phrases strike chords with the famous game PUBG MOBILE. The game has become a household name with people across generations loving the game.

1.COMERCIALISATION: PUBG started the craze for multiplayer mobile gaming and with Pochinki becoming the most visited place by Indians, at least virtually. The game emerged as a business attraction after many gamers started streaming the game . India’s gaming community on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Discord have grown exponentially, and now the community is interacting with each other on these platforms and getting the insights of the game, live plays, streams, tricks, and updates, etc. People have realised the potential of PUBG in business and are hosting tournaments for money. Many shops have also opened up for PUBG gaming.

2.MOBILE PHONE ACCESSIBILITY AND CHEAP INTERNET: The mobile industry has grown by leaps and bounds since 2014. Smartphones got much cheaper and affordable thus with the smart phone penetration in all parts of the country and complementary to the cheap internet, PUBG got a perfect opportunity to succeed. The game provides engagement which leads to the in-app purchases thus the mobile availability has been a major factor for the rise of PUBG. After JIO, other telecom companies announced their cheap tariffs on internet services. The game blossomed and the rest is history.

3.GAME PLAY: With extremely compatible game play, the people love the simpleton setup of the controls with real life graphics. The arms in the game are similar to real combat guns which add to the thrill and people relate more.

Moreover this lockdown has too proved to be a reason for the increase in number of players.

On the other face of the coin ,the game has been accused of being extremely addictive among young Indians and leading authorities in various parts of the country. Many cases have evolved where youngsters are facing depression, migraine, addiction, violent thoughts. But PUBG has proved, it doesn't matter who eats the virtual chicken dinner, here the owners of the game are the real winners.

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