Sepak Takraw: The Coolest South Asian Sport

Sports have always been associated with evolution and advancement, which leads to the generation of new forms of sports. Sepak Takraw is one such kind of sport. It is a native sport of South East Asia. Sepak Takraw is similar to foot volleyball and in this Rattan Ball is used for the contest and the players are allowed to touch the ball only be their feet, knee, or chest.

The historical shreds of evidence show that the game was played earlier in the 15th Century in Malaysia. The game is also very popular amongst the people of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Especially, amongst the rural people of these countries. The ball of this sport is comparatively small in size, and it is made of synthetic rubber or fiber.

Sepak Takraw Ball


International Sepak Takraw Federation, the governing body of the sport, is responsible for laying the rules and arranging contests of the game at the International level. It was a demonstration sport in the 1982 Delhi Asian Games. The sport has been included as an official medal sport for the Asian Games in 1990. Thailand dominates this sport with the majority of Gold Medals in the game.

Sepak Takraw requires a much high level of physical fitness and flexibility as the players have to pass the ball over the net to score a point only with their foot. The team generally consists of three players. The one who plays at the back serves the ball and the other two plays in the front. Each match consists of three sets of 2 points each. The player winning 2 set out of three wins the game.

Sepak Takraw


The sport is popular in South Asian countries because the equipment of the sport isn’t much costly. Also, this is a great source of entertainment and fitness for young people. The sport is becoming famous in the American and European countries as well and the teams of these countries are also coming forward to compete in international tournaments.

Sepak Takraw isn’t one of the most popular sports in India but the players and federation are working very hard to popularize it. In India, the sport is governed by the Sepak Takraw Federation which was formed in the year 1982. It was recognized by the Indian Olympics Association and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in the year 2000.

Indian Sepak Takraw Team


The game is very popular amongst the people of the Northeastern states, especially Manipur which has produced some of the best Indian players in the sport. The Men's and the Women’s team won Bronze Medal at the King’s Cup International Sepak Takraw Tournament in Bangkok. The Men’s team also glorified the country at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games by winning a Bronze Medal.

This sport holds great possibility for the athletes who wish to make the country proud at the International level.


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