Table Tennis: The Lightning-Fast Sport

Table tennis is a sport that is played in singles or doubles over a table with a small net attached to the middle of the table. The main aim is to hit the ball and pass it to the opponent's side of the court after it gets bounced on the table once. The players of table tennis need to be really fast and quick with reflexes so that they can return the ball and score a point.

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body of sports around the world and it was formed in the year 1926 which has currently almost 226 associate nations under it as members. It has been a part of the Olympic Games since the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Earlier till 2008, there were four events in the Olympic Games men’s and women’s singles and doubles, but since the 2008 Olympics team event replaced the doubles event.

Table Tennis at Rio Olympics


The sport was considered to be developed around the 1860s to 1870s by the British officers in India. The sport was earlier known by the name “ping pong” and in some countries, it is still known as ping pong. With the advancement in the sport better tables, rackets and balls are developed.

The first table tennis World Championship was held in London in the year 1926. The player uses various kinds of serves to spin the ball and land a point in the opponent’s scorecard. The main aim remains to spin the ball at a trajectory that will limit the opponent’s movement and hit the ball with great speed.

Table Tennis Racket and Ball


Jan Ove Waldner, Liu Guoliang, Deng Yaping are considered to be the most popular table tennis stars of all time. In international leagues, the sport is majorly dominated by China but Indian players are also making their names in the big leagues, due to which the popularity of the sport is surging day by day in India.

Table Tennis Federation of India is the governing body of the sports in India which was established in the year 1926. The game is widely popular in states like West Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. The Indian men’s team ranked 10th in the world while the women’s team ranked 22nd in the world.

India is home to the most renowned tennis players of the world such as Sharath Kamal, the Gold Medalist of the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Manika Batra, the first Indian female player to win an individual gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, the highest-ranked Indian player.

Manika Batra Table Tennis star of India


Tennis is a recreational sport and is getting extensively popular in recent days. If you wish to play it, then the rules are quite simple - you just need to be lighting fast and have quick reflexes to ace the ball over the opponent’s court.


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