The Game of Aggression & Strength “Rugby”

Rugby is a game that was developed in the early 19th century in England. It is a full-body contact sport that is full of aggression and rage. The game is based on running with the ball in hand and touching it down to the touchdown line on the opposite end. Both the team consists of 15 players and each team’s end has an H-shaped goalpost.

World Rugby, formerly known as International Rugby Football Board (IRFB) is the highest governing body of the sport. It is one of the most popular sports around the world and it is played by both men and women of all age groups. There are currently 101 countries associated with World Rugby as full-time members and 18 countries as associate members.

International matches for Rugby started in the year 1871 and the first match was played between England and Scotland. The first Rugby World Cup was held in the year 1987 and it happens every 4 years. Six Nation Championship, Premiership, Mitre 10 Cup and Super Rugby are one of the prominent Rugby leagues of the world.

Rugby Match


The roots of the game was originated with a famous incident when William Webb Ellis picked up the football during a football match and started running at Rugby School in Warwickshire. The Rugby World Cup Trophy is also named after Webb Ellis.

With time, the rules of the game started to get drafted and the first International match was played. This led to the first rugby world cup. The sport become a part of the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and was included as an official Olympic sport in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Rugby in Historic Time


The scoring of the game is based on touching down the ball on the other side of the line of the opposite team or by kicking the ball over goalpost in a penalty shootout. The game is much aggressive because players involved in one of one takedown and clash to stop the other player from scoring making it a game of strength and agility.

The popularity of the sport is also surging to new heights in India. The Indian Rugby Football Union was formed in the year 1968 under the sports governing body of India. It got affiliation from the World Rugby in 1999. The Calcutta Cup is the famous Indian Trophy of International Rugby that is played in India.

Tackle in Rugby


The All India & South Asia Rugby Tournament is another major Rugby cup that is played between Indian rugby unions. India has been taking part in Rugby constantly since the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In 2019, the women’s team registered their first International victory over Singapore in the Asia Rugby Women’s Championship. The major player of the team was Sweety Kumari who played exceptionally well during the tournament and Scrumqueens Magazine also declared her as the “International Young Player of the Year”.


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