Winning or Losing: Two sides of same coin

It is always said that winning and losing are parts of the game, in any contest or match one person has to win and other has to lose. Sports contain physical fitness embedded with mental fitness in a balanced form, those who find perfect balance wins but someone who lacks it a little lose but losing is always important in sport as it provides important lessons to learn for proceeding in sports and life.

As it is said “All that glitters is not gold” this suits best for the person who is on the losing side of a sport. Winning a medal is the greatest achievement that a sportsperson can achieve in his carrier but losing helps you to identify yourself better, train harder and overcome the mistakes you are doing in a sport.

There are many inspiring stories in the field of sport of many personalities that learn from their loss and become success stories on their own. For example, There was a discus thrower Melina Robert Michon from France she competed in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympic Games and she didn’t succeed to win a medal but she never gives up in 2016 Olympics finally she managed to win Silver medal with her persistence and hard work and learning from her mistakes. Many success stories like this learn from their failures and became the winner.

Melina Michon


Many times sportsperson gets depressed while they lose in any contest or competition but sports experts say that only those whom that learns from his mistakes and never give up become successful. Sports generally should include the feeling of sportsmanship rather than the spirit of winning or losing. In many sporting leagues around the world, many teams that are not winners are people’s favorite because they play with the spirit of sportsmanship and people love them even though they lose.

Holding a place at the podium or winning a tournament is important but it shouldn’t be for the sake of sportsmanship. Sometimes the losing player or team gets more love and affection from fans and peoples because they feel emotionally connected with them and that is what is considered as real winning and the players should strive for this only, that will help them to be recognized worldwide.

New Zealand team in ICC World Cup Final


You can’t be at the top of your performance every time. Sometimes you’ll lose but the important thing is that you should learn from the mistakes and come back being stronger and keep developing yourselves for the upcoming challenges you’ll have to face. In sports, one has to win and one has to lose but the one who learns to overcome the reasons for the failure will be a winner one day. One of the greatest tennis players of all time Serena Williams said:-

“I’ve grown most not from victories, but Setbacks,

If winning is god’s reward, then losing is how he teaches us”


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