Archery: The art of bow and arrow

Archery has fascinated humankind since time immemorial. It is one of the oldest arts of ancient times which is still practiced today. It is the art, sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The word comes from the Latin Arcus meaning ‘bow’ or ‘arch’. Historically, archery has been known for hunting and combat and was invented in the late Paleolithic or early Mesolithic periods. Even India is a land of many great archers, talking about our mythology; Arjuna is considered the greatest archer of all the time as he can shoot with either hand. Bows and Arrows are the main constituents of archery, which were extensively used in the wars by the soldiers, gave way to firearms. Archers were used as infantry, chariot riders, and cavalry over the centuries. Archers are not limited in terms of strength and stamina. The average draw weight of a man’s bow is 50 pounds. Archery became an official event of the modern Olympic Games in the 1990 London Olympic. It has remained in the Olympic program ever since with competition in men’s and women’s, individual and team events. Archery during 2016 Rio Olympics In India, Archery Association of India is the national governing body of archery. It came into existence on 8 August 1973. It is responsible for organizing, promoting, and controlling the sports of archery in India. We have so many talented archers. Limba Ram is India’s first-ever international level archer who has represented India in record three Olympic Games. Many women are also recognized all over the globe in this sport. Dola Banerjee is first ever Indian archer on an international level who qualified for the Olympic game and India’s golden girl with two gold medals, Deepika Kumari is considered the best archer India has ever produced who is also the former number one archer in the world. This sport also produced many Arjuna award winners that were instituted in 1961. Some of them are Abhishek Verma (2014), Chekrovolu Swuro, and many more. Former World number one Deepika Kumari As archery is a sport that requires meticulousness, control, motivation, physical ability, and determination so it also benefits muscle development to mental health. Archery gets you active, burning calories and in a better state of mind. Avid archery clubs are devoted to promote archery and make it accessible to everyone who admires the sport. This club offers a comprehensive array of instructions courses for students at all levels of proficiency. Perhaps this quote from ??? best describes the spirit of this sport: ‘DRAW NOT YOUR BOW TILL YOUR ARROW IS FIXED’ Refrences :- #archery #indianarchery #deepikakumari #dolabanerjee #limbaram #archer #worldarchery

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