Bridge: A Game of Tricks

Bridge is recognized as a mind sport which is an ultimate trick taking card game. It is one of the most enduring and the greatest source of enjoyment. It is played by four players sitting around a table who form two partnerships, the partners sit opposite each other across a table. The game uses a standard 52 deck of playing cards. In this, each player holds 13 cards which consists of several deals also known as hands or boards. A hand is dealt, the auction leads to a conclusion and then the hand is played. Finally, the hand’s result is calculated. The origin of bridge traces to the British game of whist. It was played first in the 16th century named after the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. The American Harold Vanderbilt was the inventor of contract bridge, who had some invaluable idle time on a steamship cruise. The main objective of this play is to win tricks. Bridge Card Game Source: The International Bridge League was established in 1932 in Scheweningen, Holland. The World Bridge Federation is founded in Oslo and recognized by the International Olympic Committee which is a replacement of the International Bridge League. Now it is supervising International Bridge activities, regulating the rules of the competitors and making cordial relationship among the different participating nations. The game is divided into two parts, bidding and play. In the first part, the partnerships use the bidding to find which player is going to be a declarer and how many tricks he or she must use to win with the chosen trump suit. In the second part both players attempting to win as many tricks as possible. Source: In 2018 Asian Games, Bridge appeared for the first time as an official medal sport. This marks the official involvement of the game in the International Sporting Leagues as Asian Games are considered the second biggest sporting event after the Olympic Games. In India, bridge sport is governed by the Bridge Federation of India (BFI) whose president is S Sundareshan. It was recognized by the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs and is registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. The association is responsible for conducting tournaments of bridge and regulating the sport in the country. Indian bridge players are also glorifying the country at the International level such as Pranab Bardhan and Shibnath Sarkar won gold medal at Men’s pair event in the Jakarta Asian Games 2018 and Indian Men’s team also won Bronze Medal in the team event. Pranab Bardhan and Shibnath Sarkar Gold Medalist Asian Games Source: The game holds a great future for the players who are involved in it as it is emerging as a popular sport. Bridge helps in enhancing the team spirit, socialization, and also the development of mental abilities which also helps the brain to stay young, happy, and healthy. Sources: #bridge #bridgesport #bridgeportct #bridgeindia #asaingames #cardgames #cards #cardgames #ace #jackoftrade #playingcard

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