Cardiovascular Exercise and its benefits

Source: Cardio is the first choice of people looking to get fit under an affordable budget. Sports like running, cycling and swimming are very common among people looking to shed some extra pounds, get fit or just perform it as the recommended physical activity which is necessary for all. According to various studies, aerobic activity of 20-60 minutes every day will show physical as well as mental benefits. With an increase in triathlon and other endurance contests, people are choosing cardio over gyms as it is a much more affordable option and it is for everyone irrespective of gender or age. Running Source: Running has existed since time immemorial. Whether it was running from predators to running towards shelter, it has been the next thing humans learn after walking. Running is one of the best options to stay fit as it is recommended to many people suffering from various ailments. People can choose to run sprints; high speed runs that test your stamina, and endurance runs that test your ability to keep going. Sprints generally last for a short period of time as the body fatigues faster whereas endurance is going the distance at a comfortable pace which can be maintained via breathing rhythm. Running to lose weight is a very popular option as it is cost-effective and provides early results which motivate one to progress further. Cycling Source Cycling is a total-body challenge. With events like Tour De France being one of the most famous long-distance competitive cycling contests, it is another popular option among youngsters. Cycling is proposed as an alternative to motor vehicles in the Netherlands, which is an effective policy that promotes fitness and lower levels of pollution. People can use cycles to commute short distances or race. Similar to running, cycling involves sprints that are challenging on their own depending on the territory, incline and decline of the surface. Cycling also promotes weight loss and heart health and is a great option for those who can afford it. Swimming Source Swimming is a survival skill which is essential and should be learnt by everyone. It may be recommended in physiotherapy for certain cases. Swimming is a great option looking for anyone to get fit. There is also the added challenge of lung capacity in swimming as you have to maintain a breathing rhythm according to the stroke or hold your breath for longer periods of time underwater. The best thing about cardiovascular exercises is contrary to lifting weights, it is a lot more accessible to all age groups and genders irrespective of fitness levels. A swimming membership is relatively lesser costly than gyms and can be accessed by most. Cardio is an amazing option for fitness or even general well being. It is great for heart health, hence the name “cardiovascular exercise” and it promotes mental well being too. A long distance run can be similar to meditation, allowing a person to improve focus on their breathing rhythm; swimming promotes extensive focus on breathing patterns and total body awareness and stability. Cardio is cost effective as it needs very little equipment. It is also easier on the joints and tendons which can be beneficial into old age as there will be little signs of weakness in the joints. #Cardio #Stamina #Endurance #Running #Cycling #Swimming

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