Commonwealth Games: The International Multi-Sports Event

After the Olympic Games and Asian Games, Commonwealth Games are the biggest sporting event in the world. Commonwealth Games were formerly known as the British Empire Games from the year 1930 to 1950. After 1974, its name was changed to Commonwealth Games. Melville Marks Robinson was known as the founder of these games, and for the first time games were held in 1930 at Hamilton, Canada. Commonwealth Games Federation Logo Source: Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the governing body of the sports that controls all the activities related to the games and organization of the games. Since 1930, Commonwealth Games happens after every 4 years. Only in 1942 and 1946 the games were not conducted due to some reasons. With the evolution of games, the Commonwealth Winter Games, Commonwealth Paraplegic Games (for physically disabled athletes), and Commonwealth Youth Games (For 14 to 18 years of athletes) were also formed. There are some sport that has been included in the Commonwealth Games which are not a part of the Olympic Games such as Cricket, Squash, Netball, Lawn Tennis, and others. Indian Badminton Team at 2018 Commonwealth Games Source: At present, there are 54 members in the Commonwealth of Nations, and a total of 72 teams participate as some of the dependent territories participate under their own flag. India hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010 with New Delhi as its host city. India also ranked as the top 4th medalist in the list of medals at the Commonwealth Games. India has notably won 181 Gold, 173 Silver and 149 Bronze Medals at the Commonwealth Games. Australia tops the list of Commonwealth medals followed by England and Canada. Opening Ceremony of 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games Source: The last edition of the games was held in 2018 at Gold Coast, Australia and the next edition is to be held at Birmingham, England in 2022. These games help in redefining the young talents of the country in a very precise manner and encouraging them to compete in international levels so that they can prepare themselves to get a medal in the Olympic Games. Source:

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