Contribution of Women in Sports

From prehistoric times, sports are meant for men’s only due to muscularity and aggressiveness in sports, the participation of women in sports is forbidden. When the modern-day Olympic Games started in the year 1896, only men were allowed to take part in it, and women were allowed to enter as spectators only. Administrators thought they are not competitive enough to take part in such a competitive sport. But with the advancement and reforms for women uplifting in the society things have changed. Women have made their début in the 1990 Olympic Games with 22 women competing in golf and tennis. After that the number of participants keeps on increasing and after the 2nd World War, the Olympics games started women’s participation in almost every sport. There are many famous sportswomen who have excelled in their field and some of them are even more famous than men, Serena Williams (23 Grand Slam title wins), Alex Morgan (first female footballer to score 100 goals), or P.V Sindhu (Olympic Silver Medalist) and many other names to be added. With the time progressing women’s sport is also becoming popular and the viewership is also increasing. Maria Sharapova: One of the greatest Tennis players of all time Obstacles Faced by Women’s in Sport Many of the greatest sportswomen have faced many obstacles in their lives. Some of them are:- · Support from family: - With women participation increasing in sports day by day most of the families still don’t support their girl child to pursue sports as a career opportunity. The major reason behind this is the conservative mindset or still because of thinking that sports are too harsh for them. This thinking has become a major obstacle for many young emerging stars. Families also think women can’t compete with men in the sport field. This kind of thinking has to be completely changed. · Support from Society: - In Muslim populated countries the participation of women in sport is nearly 0. But this trend has changed slowly with the 2012 London Olympic Games countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain also have started sending their women athletes to take part, still, there were many restrictions on them like they’ll have to wear Hijab all the time and many others. This is a good sign for the change of people's thoughts in the society but still, many other changes are required. · Sponsorships and Viewership: - Still there are many women’s sport that is unnoticed due to the lack of sponsorship. People still like to invest their money in men’s sport and not women’s because the number of people watching men’s sport is large as compared to women’s. The recent trends have shown a hike in the viewership of women’s sport but it’s still much less in the limelight as compared to sports tournaments related to men. · Opportunities for Women’s: - Many of the major sports leagues in the world weather it as Big Bash or IPL in Cricket, Super Bowl in Baseball, or Bundesliga in Football initially started with only format of men participation due to which opportunities weren't given to women’s. But with recent developmental changes big leagues such as Big Bash and other football leagues have started one more format with women and it is gaining huge popularity. · Lack of Funds: - All the major sports organizations in the world sanction a lesser amount of funds for the development of women as compared to men due to which they lack the basic opportunities and training facilities and equipment that are required for their development. These are only some of the many problems faced by women in sports and as an individual, we all should do our bit for improvement of these conditions and problems faced by women. Role of Women in Indian Sports India is the home to many female sports stars who are known and loved by the people around the globe such as Sania Mirza, Mithali Raj, MC Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, and many more. In a country like India that is male-dominated, women’s sport is still less recognized and the funds granted for development of them is still very less as compared to men’s. Although the women of the country are winning medals in the Olympic Games, World Championships, and Grand Slams still they strive for fame and respect in the society as it is given to men. 2016 Rio Olympic Games Silver Medalist PV Sindhu In the Rio Olympic Games 2016, India has won only two medals, both won by women; one by PV Sindhu (Silver medal in Badminton) and other by Sakshi Malik (Bronze medal in Wrestling). In such a big sporting event of the world where the contingent is dominated by men’s, these women are saving the pride of the country. The people of our country should show more love and respect to the sportswomen because they are working hard for the glory and pride of the country and they deserve all the fame and support as the male players and it is our right and responsibility to give it to them. Sources: #PVSindhu #SakshiMalik #MCMarykom #MithaliRaj #SainaNehwal #BigBash #IPL #SuperBowl #Bundesliga #SerenaWilliams #AlexMorgan

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