Corruption in Sports: Curse for India

Has this thought ever stuck in your mind that India is a country of almost 135 crore people, still it gets difficult for us to bag the medals at the international level in sports? There are many reasons behind this such as lack of proper training facilities, advanced training equipments, inadequate funds for sports, but one of the major reasons is Corruption in Sports. Corruption is incorporated in almost every sports federation in India whether it is at the district level, state-level, or national level it is almost everywhere. The government is working hard at all levels so that this gets eradicated and the emerging talent gets a chance to represent the country at the international level. Corruption has many forms in sports whether it is match-fixing, giving chance to related ones, favoritism, politics, etc. India’s Medal Tally at 2016 Rio Olympics In India one of the major causes of corruption is that there aren’t any free bodies governing the sport. Most of the sports are governed by their respective associations which increase the chances of corruption. Many times the talented person isn’t sent to compete further because the relative of an athlete is either on a higher position in that sport federation or he’s related to any politician that why he’s promoted further instead of the deserving one. In the favorite sport of the country, cricket, the level of corruption and nepotism is very high as compared to other sports. In India, there aren’t any major laws against Doping, due to which at the national level these players win by doping and at the international level where the rules against doping are very strict they can’t use it, then they eventually lose in the early stages of the competition. After so many years of demand by sports officials now NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) has started taking random samples of sportspersons during national events. Corruption is like a cancer for the sporting system of the country because deserving athletes gets robbed of their chance. If this corruption and nepotism are eradicated from the Indian sports and a deserving player is promoted then more natural talent will emerge and that will give this country more recognition and medals at International Level. This favoritism in Indian sports starts from the district level and is carried out even at the national level where the deserving players are made to lose. Many of the talent in the rural areas of the country never even get a chance to showcase their talent because of this nepotism, favoritism, and politics. These should be removed from all sports and more strict laws should be enforced for the people doing it so that only talented and deserving players get a chance to represent the country at the international level and glorify India. Sources: #corruptioninsports #doping #spotfixing #corruption

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