Equestrian: The Sport of Synergy Between Horse and Jockey

Equestrian is popularly known as horse riding. This is a sport that is played while riding the back of the horse. Human beings have been living in a close relationship with horses since pre-medieval times. The cave drawings found in the ancestral architecture also contains the paintings of humans training the horses. Horses have always been an important part of human civilization. From transporting goods to transporting human beings from one place to another, horses have always come to aid. Humans always tend to train horses for domestic work. During the time of the kings, horses were considered as the ride of the royal families. With this, the people started horse racing which became a very popular sport and the major reason for its popularity is betting. In a lot of countries betting on horses and horse racing became official. The person riding the horse is known as “Jockey”. Jockey always has a special connection with their horses and they take care of them like their own child. Horse Racing Source: https://www.amazon.in/AlFajr-Developer-Horse-Racing-Background/dp/B07YDZ2719 Equestrian was introduced as an Olympic sport in the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris. Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) is the official governing body of the sport and in the 1924 Olympics, the first competition was held under their authority. In this sport, the horses are also considered as athletes along with the participants. Currently, there are three disciplines in the Olympic Games for horse riding. These are:- Dressage: - This competition of the ultimate test of the bond between the rider and the horse. In this, the horse has to perform a set of pre-defined movements. This tests the training and compassion of the horse towards his rider. The advanced trained horses perform their movements with minimal interference of the rider. The judges score the movements of horses with points. Eventing: - This sport contains the combination of three disciplines Dressage, Cross Country, and Show Jumping. In this, the rider and the horse compete against the other participants. It is basically like the hurdle race in which horses have to cross the barricade on their back and they have to complete the special course that is designed for them. Jumping: - Jumping is a type of horse show in which the horses have to jump over the hurdles that are located at a certain height. The obstacles are arranged in a vertical, double barricaded, and triple combination form. Show Jumping Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/716846465666371225/ All three disciplines are for both men and women. Horses have always been an integral part of the army and even police of various countries. In many armies of the world, there are special battalions for horses, and the army horses are trained with much determination and compassion. The governing body for Equestrian in India is the Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) which is formed in the year 1967. In the beginning, the sport was majorly practiced by the army officials. The sport was first included in the Asian Games for the first time in 1982. Wing commander I.J. Lamba and Imtiaz Anees represented the country at the Olympic Games in Equestrian. The sport also glorified India with two Bronze Medals at the 2002 and 2006 Asian Games. Mr. Fouaad Mirza Source: https://www.deccanherald.com/sports/other-sports/fouaad-targets-oly-qualification-755109.html Mr. Fouaad Mirza is one of the emerging equestrians in India who won the individual Silver Medal at the 2018 Asian Games. In 2019, he also received the Arjuna Award. The sport has always been popular among the common people as well as the army officials because of the immense love of Indians towards animals. The sport has also glorified the country many times and will continue to glorify it. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fouaad_Mirza https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equestrian_Federation_of_India https://tokyo2020.org/en/sports/equestrian/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equestrianism http://www.efinf.org/history.html #equestrian #equestrianlife #equestrianstyle #horseriding #horses #horseracing #fouaadmirza #equestrianism #equestrainblog #horsetraining #horse

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