Fitness and Sports for seniors

India has an elderly population surpassing 100 million citizens over the age of 60 that covers is about 8% of our population. Due to developing metropolitan cities, many people often end up in nuclear families with elders either living alone or in old age communities. Fitness doesn’t have an age limit. It is for anyone wishing to be a better version of themselves physically and even mentally. A lot of problems meant to occur at a an older age are being faced by people who are in their late 40s and 50s. Arthritis, High blood pressure, hypertension and osteoporosis are some common examples people of fairly younger ages are facing nowadays. Fitness should be part of a person’s lifestyle to live a long and healthy life. A life where old age brings a lot of anguish and trouble to a person due to not being in control of their physical self is a terrible state to be in. Though in India, this is slowly changing with exercise science specialists, physiotherapists, gym trainers and people in sports medicine slowly taking up courses and having special population mandatory as part of their syllabus. This initiative will help the senior population to stay fit and exercise in a safe and healthy way. Though exercising from a young age would instill a good habit, it is never too late to make a change. Various senior athletes in India are competing around the world such as Man Kaur who started her career at the age of 93. She has bought several accolades for the country such as running the 150 and 200-meter races and setting world record in those categories. She was titled as the ‘Miracle of Chandigarh’ in 2009 when she made a record which is 42 seconds off Usain Bolt’s 100-meter world record set in 2009. Milkha Singh created the All India Veteran Athletic Association in 1978. He wanted to keep the elderly people of India engaged in some form of physical activity or athletics. Now known as India Masters Athletics (IMA), it is a registered non government sports and wellness organization governed by constitution and bylaws. It derives its income from affiliation fees paid and sponsors. By conducting State and National championship events from age group 30 years and above The India Masters Athletics (IMA) based on performances selects athletes to represent India at International level. It is also the body responsible for selecting master’s athletes to represent India at the World Masters Games, Asia Masters Athletics Championships and other International Masters Athletic meets and for managing the Indian teams at the events. India has made some progress on the senior population’s role in athletics and in maintaining their physical health but we still have a long way to go. Despite having made much better progress than some countries, our senior population deserves a better quality of life through fitness. Yoga and aquatic activities have shown to help senior citizens alleviate mental and physical stress and live better. We must continue to improve the standards for them and set an example in the world. Sources: #Yoga #Fitness #MilkhaSingh #AllIndiaVeteranAthleticAssociation #IndiaMastersAthletics #WorldMastersGames #AsiaMastersAthleticsChampionships #InternationalMastersAthletics #ManKaur #UsainBolt #Gym #Physiotherapists #Health #Sports

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