How MMA varies from traditional martial arts

Source: MMA has received a large fan following all over the world lately. Some big-name companies such as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), OneFC, Bellator MMA and more host some of the biggest fights viewed by audiences across the globe. But is MMA a justifiable way of staying fit or is it doing more harm than good? Martial Arts are an ancient phenomenon that has existed for hundreds of years all over the world, with many countries having their art and some lost in time. Martial arts are now taught in many countries with different disciplines being taught in different countries too. Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, etc are popular in India with many students joining as young as the age of 3, to some being over 50, it is never too late to start. MMA, however, is not a martial art as it has moral and physical differences. In a martial art like Judo, respect, courage and discipline are some of the many values necessary to not only build good character but a great fighter as well. MMA is a commercial, combat sport that focuses on about, and especially the trash talk and drama aspect which is visible in the UFC. Source: Martial art focuses on the mental and physical well-being aspect as well as care for the opponent. It's practised for self-defence and a real martial artist never reveals himself. People of sound mind are allowed to practice martial arts as long as they have the right interests. A contest in karate is about defeating an opponent but some rules and regulations make sure that the opponent's welfare does not take a hit. MMA is a no holds barred sport, in which people are unafraid to make an opponent bleed or injured to an extent. Focusing on the training aspect, MMA requires training in several disciplines such as wrestling, kickboxing, judo, etc. Training may take 2-3 hours per day for 5-7 days a week. This isn't ideal for the human body as it needs time to rest, recover and repair the muscles and remove soreness. Trainees may take supplements but that does not accelerate the rate of recovery in the body naturally and the damage may catch up to one in old age. CrossFit athletes put themselves through a similar training regimen, which may lead to long-term joint and tendon damage in senior years. Source: Krav Maga is a perfect example of a combat sport. Developed by the Israel military, it explicitly states no welfare or mercy for the opponent as it was developed for soldiers who might need skills to get out of close-quarters combat. It is a combat sport and not a martial art and is recommended to the people recruited in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Krav Maga is taught in many places but one can enrol in IDF to learn the authentic way. MMA training is a good way to keep fit, but it does not share the similar values of Martial Arts. A good example of MMA training infused with core martial arts principles are visible in Bruce Lee's JeetKune Do (JKD) which is also known as 'The way of the intercepting fist'. It focuses on striking, grappling and has been inspired by original martial arts like boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and more. Though JKD teachers are not common, they teach physical and mental aspects of what MMA's fighters lack in. #Martial_Arts #MMA #Boxing #Taekwondo #BJJ #Grappling #Wrestling #Krav_Maga #Judo

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