Influence of European Football on Indian Enthusiasts

With the world being a small place with globalization and the advent of modern technology, connectivity is no longer an issue. The impact of any global event has long-lasting events on the community, where there are attempts to imbibe some of the methodology or even the culture. The exciting world of Football is no stranger to these phenomena, where a fan from a place like Kolkata is as loyal to Liverpool F.C as a local "Scouser". Often considered as the "sleeping giants of football", India has potentially become the next hotspot for the growth of modern football, which is mostly related to European or South American countries. Indian football has been majorly affected by the comprehensive broadcasting and knowledge gaining of the culture of European football, with fans across the country being loyal to the clubs in England, Spain, and so on. Players of the European club are hugely adored by the millions of fans in India, with every broadcast of a game being supported by a large fanbase cheering and pledging loyalty to the club. There is the formation of India-based fan clubs of the European clubs, Indian investments just like Venky’s takeover of Blackburn and Lakshmi Mittal investing in QPR FC, the influence of European football over India is at an all-time high. The magnitude of the influence is measured by the club fan following from India and the high level of international leagues broadcasting. However, one main point of measure could be the desire from the Indian enthusiasts to see the local Indian leagues as well as the National Team to prosper, compete and reach the level of the European leagues. The desire is not just not limited to the development of the game, but to the nation's overall prosperity as well with football being a uniting event, a social bonding event as well as help the nation to gain reputation in the globe. However, this should not be considered as a one-sided affair. Even the football heads in Europe are desperately trying to expand their club market in a country like India, where they read the potential and are ready to build an image in the minds of the Indian population. For example, Bayern Munich readily agreed to play the Indian National Team for a celebratory game in honour of former Indian captain Baichung Bhutia, creeping into the Indian market. The association of Atletico Madrid FC of the Spanish league with the local team of Kolkata in the Indian Super League is considered as the commercial pioneer of interest of European clubs in Indian football. It is also followed by the investment of the City Football Group, owners of Manchester City FC, and several other international football clubs, to invest in the team of Mumbai, also in the Indian Super League. It was evident in the level of the game in the Indian league where the game was a step up with the adoption of European guidance and training techniques, and an influx of many international players in the league. It is a positive change in the level of Indian football, whereas exciting times for the fans, who have started passionately following the Indian leagues. However, in terms of fandom, European leagues have incomparable fans, which the Indian football clubs have failed to acquire. The pubs, restaurants, bars screening crucial games, local European derbies, and like a cup final would be filled with passionate Indian fans, sharing the joys and the sorrows of their club. The point at which the Indian leagues are lagging should be the lack of impactful marketing of the sport in the country as well as the low overall appreciation of the Indian football game by media, influential people, and the commercial aspects. Indian football enthusiasts might be adopting the European fan mannerism, chanting as well as passion, but have failed to adopt Indian football itself. The low broadcasting numbers, the low attendance for football games, and not much media attention to football have been demonstrating the above fact quite evidently. However, efforts are being made to make India a powerhouse in the world of football, and the interest of European football should be welcomed with open hands to build the nation's footballing image. #indianfootball #aiff #mufc #mancity #bayernmunich #football #europeanfootball Photos from:

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