Q&A Session with Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin Hannah Martin started Judo in the year 1996. She currently represents the USA in the 63kg division. In International Judo her name needs no introduction she is 4 times Grand Prix Medalist, 15 times World Cup Medalist, 3 times Pan American Championship medalist (2013, 2017, and 2019), 2019 Pan American Games Bronze medalist, 6 times World Team member, and 2008 Olympic Alternate. Q) Where and how did your Judo career begin? Ans- I started judo at 9 years old in upstate New York. Starting judo was an accident for me. My father wanted my younger brother to do judo. The first day my dad brought us to judo I was supposed to sit on the sideline and watch. I begged my father to let me try and I instantly fell in love with the sport the moment I tried on the judogi. Q) What does it take to reach an International medalist position in a sport like Judo? Ans- Persistence and consistency. I know that sounds cliche, but judo is tough. You need to work hard and be consistent with your training. You also need to have the mental toughness to push through when it gets tough. Q) Judo is a sport that is evolving very rapidly how do you cope up with the changes and how you manage distractions? Ans- When you are a high-level athlete you need to be able to adapt to changes. If you can’t adapt, then you will fail. I never look at change in a negative way. Q) What is your source of motivation and how you keep yourself motivated especially if you lose any fight? Ans- My source of motivation is myself. I want to be the best in everything I do. Whether it be judo, school, or anything else. When I lose a fight, it is always tough for me because I know how hard I work every single day. I always tell myself that the hard work will pay off and it will be worth it. I think about all the good judo moments, especially my favorite competing moments. I think about the feeling and that’s what motivates me to wake up the next morning and try again. Q) How much do moral values matter, like respect in Judo? Any instances which you want to share where you’ve seen the best display of sportsmanship in your career? Ans- In general, morals and values always matter. I think it is important to have respect for your opponents. Respecting your opponent means that you acknowledge the moment that you are sharing in competition. You are literally fighting the other person, so respect is always important. On and off the tatami. Q) What has been the turning point of your career? Ans- Moving weight categories, I used to fight 57kg. Q) How do you prepare yourself for a fight mentally before competing? Ans- I visualize what I want to do and talk to myself. I repeat three positive things in my head over and over again about myself. Q) Any message for the young budding judokas who consider you as your inspiration? Ans- Keep working, it takes time. It takes a lot of work. It will hurt, you will cry, but it will all be worth it in the end. Don’t give up, do one extra rep, and always listen to your coach!! Instagram: https://instagram.com/judohannah?igshid=1h166np9w9c0i Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JudoHannah/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/judoHannah?s=09 #judo #ijf #usjudo #hannahmartinjudo #judoka #judolife #ashiwaza #judogirl #athlete #ippon #grandprix #judothrow

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