Q&A Session with Jasleen Singh Saini

Jasleen Singh Saini is one of the top-ranked Men’s Judoka in India. He is the champion of the Senior National Judo Championships in the weight category. This emerging young Judoka marked his International presence by winning Gold Medal in the Asian under 18 Championship held in Hong Kong and the Asian under 18 Cup in Chinese Taipei. He also secured 5th place in the Tbilisi Grand Prix 2019. Jasleen is also the Gold Medalist of the World Police Games. Jasleen Singh Saini Q) From where and when did your Judo career start? Ans- I started Judo at a very young age in 2009 at Gurdaspur city in Punjab. That marks the starting of my Judo career. Q)judo is one among the less popular sports in India. Why did you choose it as your career? Ans- My father chose judo for me because he likes fighting games. He wanted to see me as a good fighter. In those days Judo was very popular in Gurdaspur that’s why he has chosen it as a sport for me to pursue a career. Q) What kind of barriers you faced during your journey and who supported you in it? Ans- In the beginning when I used to compete, I happened to lose many fights. There were times when I was mentally disturbed. I even thought of leaving this sport because of my failures. But my father and especially, my mother Nisha Saini stood behind my back and supported me. Later, I worked hard and became successful. I faced many problems but my family, friends, and my coach were always there to support me. And that's why things were not that much difficult for me. Q) When was the first time you won National Medal and when was the first time you represented India at International Level? Ans- My first National Level medal was the gold medal in School National Championship during the year 2010. I represented India in Junior Asian Championship in Hongkong and there I won my first international gold medal. Q) How did you train yourself to become a National Champion? Ans- I became a National Champion in the year 2017 and after that, I followed the tips given by my seniors. Also, I followed their strict diet plans and I am working very hard day by day to improve my performance for the international level. Q) In Judo, a sharp mind is as important as body fitness. So, How do you train yourself mentally? Ans- I read and follow the path of Shri Guru Granth Sahib because it helps me a lot to increase my concentration and makes me mentally strong. Q) What are your current and future plans in the field of Judo? Ans- I want to achieve a place on the top of the podium of the Olympics and grab a medal for India in Judo. I really want to make the country proud in the International level. Q) You are an inspiration for many young Judokas. Would you like to give any message to them? Ans- All I want to say to my young judokas is that hard training does matter but being consistent and disciplined is very much important. Source: https://www.ijf.org/judoka/16891 Connect with him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/jasleen.singh.saini?igshid=1twmto3p8fsqv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasleen.judo #judo #judovines #jfi #judoindia #judoka #ijf #athlete #jasleensaini #ippon #judolife #judoca #kheloindia #worldgames

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