Q&A session with Jigme Lama

Jigme Lama, born on 31st March 1997 plays primarily as a left-back for Bangalore Dream United FC in the Bangalore Super Division. He also plays as a left-winger or right-back if required. Jigme represented Rebels FC in 2017. The team plays in The Amateur League (Bangalore). He answered to a few questions that were asked to him during the Q&A session. The Q&A’s are as follows: Q) How did you convince your parents to make a career in football? A) Actually to be honest, I really didn't have to convince them. They were always very supportive about the sport which I am really grateful about. Q) Why do you think Indian football is not growing at the pace of Europe and South America footballing nations? A) Well, I surely agree to what my coach Sharath had to say and this is the truth of Indian Football that the Indian economy is growing much faster than the football economy. So the value of a football player is lesser than that of an engineer or other professionals. A 21 year old graduate is more valuable than a 21 year old footballer. Q) Mental fitness is also an important aspect of football. How do you focus and concentrate? A) Yes i do love the sport, but it's also very important to do something outside the sport like reading, relaxing, and yoga which help me from being mentally fatigue. Q) Apart from stamina and agility, what it takes to be a footballer? A) Obviously these two points are very important, but there's much more to it. It's about what you do outside the pitch. Your daily routine is what's important. What you eat? how much you sleep? what time you sleep? whom you speak to> your hydration, your rest and much more. Q) What qualities someone should have to pursue a career in football? A) A few basic things would be the technical ability, tactical knowledge, physical fitness, and mental strength. Q) How does Bangalore and other city division leagues help a player to develop? A) Any player in any league needs and wants competition and more game time to develop. At the end of the day, it's about the experience which these leagues in Bangalore and other cities have to offer. Visit Jigme's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jigme-l-32a92582/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lamajr12/?igshid=1e3fhgpom6lh8 #Football #IndianFootball #FootballPlayer #Yoga #MentalFitness #Stamina #Agility #PhysicalFitness #BangaloreDreamUnitedFC #BangaloreSuperDivision #RebelsFC #TAL #TheAmateurLeague #LeftWinger #LeftBack #RightBack

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