Q&A session with Kusham Sarao

Kusham Sarao is a roller hockey (skating) national champion who cracked NEET. He is on his way to becoming a doctor and has his own startup as well. Read the full Q&A session:: Q) How do you balance your time between sports and studies because most of the sportsperson has to leave study behind to pursue sports? It's just by time management. There are 24 hours in a day, 8 hrs for sleep then 16 hrs left to do all the work. If you have a mindset to do, you can do anything. Just believe in yourself, be positive, and stay motivated. Q) What was your feeling after cracking NEET? It was like one of the best moments for me. Before cracking NEET, I failed to achieve many small tasks but after a lot of failures, when I got something big, it was a dream moment for me. From the beginning, I wanted to be a medical student. Q) How did you feel after becoming a national skating champion? Whenever I perform well, I get motivated. It was a proud moment for me. I felt as if I had achieved something big. It was just the beginning and there's a lot more to win. Q) When & Why did you choose skating as a career? I just started skating to lose weight. I really don’t know when I got turned into a professional player and started winning medals for my state. Q) You started skating during your 5th grade and it was just for enjoyment purpose. How did you get introduced to the sport? There was a sports stadium near my house. One day I went there for a walk. and saw many players skating and at the very first sight, I liked the game. From the next day, I started skating. Q)You a won gold medal in your first-ever state-level competition and silver medal in your first national-level competition. How did your family members and relatives feel/react to that? My parents were on cloud nine. They said that there is a lot more to achieve and advised me to work even harder. Q) Could you tell us something in short about your company, Rollyab? It is an online website which sells online skating equipment. I started it in 2018 when I was 17 years. Within 3 months it became popular because we deal with low price and low-profit with good service motive. Q) What is your best experience as a skater?. My best experience was during my first nationals- A big crowded stadium. It was the first time for me and as we know the first experience is always the best. Q) What is your daily fitness/workout routine? I workout twice a day - morning session 5-7 am and evening session 5-9 pm. During the morning session, I do running means off skate work and evening I workout on skates. Q) What is your advice to those who wish to clear NEET? If you keep working hard, manage time, and train your mind, then you can do anything. Follow Kusham Sarao on FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter. #Fitness #NEET #Skating #Rollyab #Satdium #KushamSarao #Skates #Workout #Sports #Study #Fans

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