Rowing: The Battle of Oars

Rowing is one of the oldest and most prestigious sports on the planet. It is played by a single player or a group of players. This sport involves using a wooden paddle, known as an oar, to propel a longboat through the water at high speeds to win a race. If a single person is rowing, the boat is called a single scull and if eight people are rowing then it is called coxed eight. The main objective of rowing is to reach the finish line first and the first one is declared the winner of the race. It requires a bewildering amount of physical as well as mental strength, a high level of stamina, and amazing synchronization while competing in team events to reach the finish line in the quickest possible time. Oars are used to propel the boat; they are 250-300 cm long poles with one flat end about 25 cm wide and 50 cm long which is called the blade. Rowing at Olympic Games Source: There are two forms of rowing: 1)In sweep or sweep-oar rowing, each rower has one oar which is held in both hands and it is done in pairs, fours, and eights. 2) In sculling, each rower has two oars, one in each hand and it is usually done without a coxswain, in quads, doubles, or singles. Its history traces to ancient countries like Egypt, Greece, and Rome but it was used for transportation and business purposes. For the first time, Oxford Cambridge University organized boat racing in 1828. There were two earlier categories of rowing like sculling and sweep. Men’s rowing competition was present since the beginning of the Olympic Games but only the 1896 tournament did not include any competitions due to extreme weather conditions which compelled the organizers to cancel the competition which was going to be held in Athens. Rowing Source: In 1976 women made their debut in this competition which was held in Montreal. The International Rowing Federation is the governing body of the sport that organizes competitions in different parts of the world. Sir Steve Redgrave of Great Britain is known as the greatest male rower of all time who won five gold medals and is a six-time world champion. On the other hand, Elisabete Lipa of Romania has also won five gold medals and as regarded as the best female rower. Rowing is also a very popular sport in India and the Rowing Federation of India is the governing body of sports. In 2010, Bajrang Lal Takhar won India's first-ever Gold Medal in Rowing at the Asian Games. Indian Rowers Source: Rohit Kumar and Bhagwan Singh won Bronze Medals in the 2018 Asian Games in a single's lightweight scull event. Dattu Baban Bhokanal won the latest Arjuna Award in Rowing in 2020. Rowing is one of the few non-weight bearing sports that help in all the muscle exercises including quads, biceps, triceps, glutes, and abdominal muscles. It improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and also reduces fat.

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