Tiers of Sporting Federation in India

Sports can be considered as one of the major areas of development of India over the years. Indian athletes are making the country proud at International levels. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is the body that works for giving the athletes the required exposure at the International level. Source: https://nsfoi.com/ They work under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MOS). Over the recent years, Indian sporting industry is growing leaps and bounds. The government along with the private sporting agencies is working hard to redefine the sports in India. Indian sports have many tiers through which a player makes its journey to the International. Let’s have a look at all of them: - National Federations: - All the sports in India have a national sporting federation that is affiliated to IOA and reports to the MOS. Currently, there are 38 sporting federations recognized by IOA that are all part of the Olympic Games. Apart from these, IOA has also given recognition to some regional sports and other sports that aren’t the part of the Olympic Games. All the state sporting associations report to the national associations. The national associations are responsible for arranging the tournaments at the national level and the players who won the state championships are allowed to compete in the national tournament. The players who won at the national level are allowed to go further to compete at the International level. The timely elections of these federations are to be conducted by law. State Federations: - All the sports have their respective state federations which are responsible for conducting the sports at the state level and promoting the culture of sports in their respective districts. The tournaments that are arranged at the state level are governed by the state federation and players who won at the district level participate in these tournaments. The tournaments conducted by the state federations are of state-level only or the trail for the national level tournaments. The elections for the respective state federations also occur timely. The head of the state federations also chooses the head of the various district federations. District Federations: - All the respective district federations are affiliated to the state federations of any sport in India. This is the grassroots level of sports in India. Players from various clubs and stadiums in India at the district level compete with each other to qualify for the state-level tournament. This is the level at which the talent of the player is identified by his coach and their sporting journey begins. The players from various districts are required to compete at the zonal level sometimes in some sport and they compete in the state championship from their respective zones. Source: https://in.linkedin.com/company/federation-of-india-for-sports-scouting-education Apart from these, the sporting federation of India works at the university level and school levels also. Zonal and national level tournaments are conducted for both, such as C.B.S.E inter-school sport and games competition, School Games and All India University Games. Along with that there are many private sporting tournaments in India and leagues of different sports in which the local players who have the potential competes with the International players such as Indian Premier League (IPL), Pro Kabbadi League (PKL), Indian Super League (ISL) and many others. This is how a player starts his journey from the most basic level and step by step progresses towards making the name of the country proud. Sources: https://www.olympic.ind.in/ioa-history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Sports_governing_bodies_in_India https://www.india.gov.in/list-national-sports-federations http://cbsegames.in/ #sports #sportster #sport #indiansport #mys #india #cbse #cbsesports #schoolgames #internuniversitygames #universitygames #university #sportsfedrations

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